About Bovendonk


To keep the historic and precious monument Bovendonk for the future by exploiting a conference centre, hotel and restaurant in a sustainable and social way, focused on the development of people and society


To secure the misson, Bovendonk has a commercial goal. All profit made from the business goes directly into aspects that help secure Bovendonks mission and future. No interest is paid to any shareholders or board members. All activities on Bovendonk need to be focused on culturally enriching or improvement of personality & competence. Bovendonk is a place well suited for meeting others during special moments of their lives or the organisation in which they work. With your visit to Bovendonk, business or private, you directly support our goals and cultural inheritance.


Bovendonk's History goes back to the year 1282 when the Brothers from Hemiksem, near Antwerp built an estate just outside of the village Hoeven in the Western part of Noord-Brabant, the Netherlands. Ever since then this estate has been part of the Dioceses of Antwerp and later Breda. Big parts of Western Brabant have been developed by the Brothers from Hemiksem, out of Bovendonk. Learn more....