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Drinks Menu


House wine   


Montagne Noire glass 3,70 | bottle 18,50
Pays d’Oc, France, Chardonnay 
A wine with hints of white flowers and fruit give this wine its character and pleasant after taste.

Montagne Noire glass 4,10 | bottle 20,50
Pays d'Oc, Sauvignon Blanc, France
The southern climate makes this an elegant and fruity wine. With aromas of exotic fruits and citrus.

Maximo glass glass 3,70 | bottle 18,50
Castilla La Manacha, Spain, Tempranillo
With hints of blackberry and laurel and tones of ripe fruits and spices.

Perle du Sud glass 3,70 | bottle 18,50 
Pays d’Oc, France, Grenache Syrah
With soft and rich hints of red berries and violets and a little bit of pepper. A dry and fruity rosé with a fresh taste and a soft after taste.



Moët & Chandon Brut Imperial, Frankrijk | 57,50
Champagne of high quality with an easy dry taste.


White wine

Forme Bianco
Puglia, Italië, Bombino Falaghina | 23
This Italian wine of Cantine Massimo Leone  has a nice green glow and the intense taste of ripe yellow fruit. Goes well as an appetizer as well.


Pouilly Fumé
Loire, Frankrijk, Sauvignon | 29
An elegant and fresh wine of winery Domaine Gilles Chollet. The wine has a balanced drink with tones of citrus and green apples.


Poggio Capponi Bianco di Binto
Toscane, Italië, 40% Vermentino/30% Trebbiano/30% Chardonnay | 24
In this fresh and fruity Chianti you’ll find tones of lime and peach, as well as an small mineral sensation in the after taste.


La Cantina Albeggio Bianco
Toscane, Italië, Sauvignon | 24
A lime yellow wine with fresh tones of citrus and exotic fruits.


Raimat Terra
Catalonië, Spanje, Chardonnay | 22
This biological wine has a fresh and soft taste and goes well with dinner and appetizer.



Red wine

Forme Rosso
Puglia, Italië, Montepulciano | 23
The red wine of winery Cantine Massimo Leone has a deep red color and intense hints and tones of red fruit and a pleasant after taste.

Orme Nero di Troia Rosso 2011,
Puglia, Italië, Nero di Troia | 27
This intense red wine has hints and flavours of blackberry marmelade and subtle aromas of tannine.

Chateau de Lavison 2013,
Frankrijk, Merlot 48%, Cabernet Franc 26% en Cabernet Sauvignon 26%, Bordeaux | 22
This biological Bordeaux has aroma’s of spices cassis and a firm after taste.

Saint Roch 2014,
Frankrijk, Côtes du Roussillon, Syrah-Grenache | 23
A wine with a fresh but balanced taste. Aroma’s of black fruit and spices.



Bovendonk’s Blond 3,75
Bovendonk's house beer 4,50
Veltins Pilsener    2,75
Veltins Pilsener 0.0% 2,75
Veltins Radler  2,75
Veltins Radler 0.0% 2,75
Hoegaarden    3,50
Wieckse Witte 0.0%    2,75
Erdinger Hefe Weissbier 3,50
La Chouffe 4,00
Liefmans Fruitesse   3,50
Zundert Trappist   4,25
Karmeliet Tripel   4,25
Westmalle Dubbel 4,00
Duvel 3,80


Martini Bianco   3,70
Martini Rosso 3,70
Sherry Osborne fino pale 3,70
Pedro Ximenez Gonzalez Byass Jerez 5,00
Robertson Ruby 3,50
Taylor’s 20 year old tawny port  5,00



Bombay Sapphire Gin & Fever Tree tonic  7,00
Limoncello Spritz       6,50
Aperol Spritz 6,00
Bottega Gold piccolo prosecco 6,00


Liquor & strong drinks

Licor 43 4,50
Amaretto Disaronno   4,50
Baileys      4,50
Augustijner Abdij Rutte  4,50
Sambuca   4,50
Cointreau   4,50
Dom Benedictine   4,50
Grand Marnier   4,50
Drambuie    4,50
Crème de Cassis  4,50
Frangelico 4,50
Limoncello 4,50
Angostura Premium rum  4,50
Bacardi Superior  4,50
Bombay Sapphire Gin  4,50
Bombay Dry Gin  4,50
Gibson’s London Dry Gin  4,50
Vodka Russian standard original   4,50
Malibu    4,50
Jack Daniels 4,50
Talisker Storm single malt   7,50
Bowmore 12 years single malt  5,50
Jameson     4,50
Courvoisier VSOP     6,50
Martell VS    5,50

Destilled drinks

Jonge Jenever   3,00
Oude Jenever 3,00
Zuidam Korenwijn 3,00
Dujardin Vieux  3,00
Schrobbelèr  3,00
Apfelkorn    4,50
Citroen brandewijn     3,00