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Menu Brasserie and Restaurant Bovendonk

Looking for a unique spot for a nice lunch or dinner? Settle down at our terrace or in the historic brasserie. For reservations please get in touch with our reception by mail or telephone




Daily changing soup | 4,50


Small meal salads

Game paste | 8,50
Game paste, baked mushrooms, cranberries, blue cheese, croutons and aceto balsamico

Goat cheese | 8,50
Goat cheese, bacon, pear, tomato, dressing of orange and rosemary.


Old cheese | 6,00
Old cheese, lettuce, tomato, mustard

Healthy | 7,00
Ham, cheese, tomato, cucumber, egg, mayonnaise

BLT | 7,00
Chicken filet from Walnoothoeve(n), lettuce, tomato, bacon, egg, mayonnaise

Salmon | 7,50
Smoked salmon, lettuce, capers, aceto balsamico

Hot dishes

Warm meat | 9,00
Farmers bread with fricand0 and honey-mustard dressing

Double fried egg ham/cheese | 9,50
Farmers bread with  3 baked eggs with ham or cheese

Omelet | 9,50
Farmers bread with 3 egged omelet with ham, cheese or mushrooms

Kwekkeboom croquette | 8,50
Two Kwekkeboom croquettes on farmers bread with mustard

Brie | 8,00
Brie on farmers bread with pecan nuts, apple syrup and balsamico

12-hour | 12,00
Day soup, farmers bread with egg, croquette and lettuce.

Tosti | 6,00
Traditional pan baked tosti with ham and/or cheese

Saté with bread or fries | 17,50
Chicken saté from the Walnoothoeve(n) with peanut sauce, seroendeng, atjar and kroepoek

Entrecote with bread or fries | 22,50
180 grams entrecote from Masseurs with herbal butter and mushrooms


Cuypers menu | 27,50
Changing 3-course menu. With a choice of main dishes: meat, fish or vegan.


Daily changing soup | 4,50

Game paste salad | 8,50
Game paste, baked mushrooms, cranberries, blue cheese, croutons and aceto balsamico. ( As a meal salad + € 5,)

Goat cheese salad | 8,50
Goat cheese, bacon, pear, tomato, dressing of orange and rosemary. ( As a meal salad + € 5,-)

Carpaccio | 12,50
Beef carpaccio with truffle mayonnaise, capers, red onion, pine nuts, Parmesan and rocket.

Salmon bonbon | 13,50
Bonbon of smoked salmon, avocado, crème fraiche and herbs.

Bread with spreads | 3,50
Basket of bread with  met alioli, butter and tapenade.



Entrecote | 22,50
180 grams entrecote from “Masseurs” with herbal butter and mushrooms.

Duck | 19,50
Duck with an orange thyme sauce

Haddock | 21,00
Haddock with a sauce of saffron and white wine.

Stew of game | 18,50
Game stew of deer, swine and goose with mushrooms, silver skin onion, carrot and Bovendonk’s Beer.

Bovendonk Burger | 17,50
Home-made hamburger with fresh lettuce, tomato, onion, bacon, cheese and home-made burger sauce.

Spareribs | 17,50
Spareribs with an home-made BBQ-sauce

Saté of chicken thigh | 17,50
Saté  of chicken thigh  from the Walnoothoeve(n) with kroepoek, atjar and seroendeng.

All main dishes are served with fries and a garnish of vegetables


Portion of fries (2 pers.) | 3,50
Side salad ( 2 pers.) | 3,50 


Panna cotta | 6,50
Panna cotta of fig and chocolate with a raspberry sauce and almond.

Chestnut parfait | 6,50
Parfait of chestnut and vanilla with hazel nuts, caramel and sea salt.

White chocolate mousse | 6,50
Homemade white chocolate mousse with cherries from Voorbraak

2 scoops of vanilla ice cream | 3,50

Coffee Bovendonk | 7,50
Dessert coffee specialty with Baileys, Drambuie and Frangelico

Selection of cheeses | 12,00
Local and European cheeses with “kletsenbrood”, nuts and chutney. A glass of our Port or Sherry assortment is included